Our district is located in Oregon, east of the Cascade Mountain Range, in Sherman County. Since we are east of the Cascade Mountain Range we have high winds and are susceptible to dry lightning. Sherman County is the driest county in Oregon due to the lack of precipitation and water resources, resulting in extreme wildland fire behavior. Sherman County has various terrains, from steep canyons to rolling hills. During winter months we experience snow, freezing fog, and freezing rain, which make for extremely hazardous driving conditions during the winter months. 

​Did you catch that? "The driest County in Oregon. "Extreme wildland fire behavior." Bad Summers. Bad Winters.

South Sherman now has "over 387 square miles." This does not include any pending annexations. What does "387 square miles" look like?

These 12 Oregon cities combined have 371 square miles: Portland (145 sq.m.), Eugene (44 sq.m.), Salem (48 sq.m.), Beaverton (19 sq.m.), Corvallis (14 sq.m.), Oregon City (9 sq.m.), Medford (26 sq.m.), Albany (18 sq.m.), Springfield (16 sq.m.), McMinnville (11 sq.m.), Pendletion (11 sq.m.), Milwaukie (5 sq.m), Astoria (10 sq.m.).

Those 12 cities total 371 square miles. That's LESS are that the territory South Sherman RFPD covers now not including any annexations.

The City of Portland Fire Bureau alone has 750 employees.

South Sherman RFPD has 30 fire personnel (volunteers) which now includes the Shaniko volunteers.